Friday, October 30, 2009

You Are With Me

You are with me - you are with me now, after long days - those vacations plunged me, distressed, abandoned, with a great maroon that one hard to realize- although you have had enjoyment that you deserve, solely and silently without forgetting me, perhaps you were trying to realize my loneliness - protected by my solitary griefs and even felt my dedication for you 'cause you're my soul, you are my sole surround that I ever feel within my heart.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Running Through The Light

The girl, the little tiny girl - I told about, went to her native village last night, with her mother. It is the time of their festival, the great festival, for which they wait a year and she will come back after seven months! What a long time one can imagine! As I like to talk to her, as she gives her precious smile to meet... And she came last night to say goodbye to me. She looked so happy as she's going to her home - delightfully. I saw her again on the way, running and threw the very word in the air for me :"goodbye"... I stopped to see back her running, - she changed her casual dress and wear the only dress, the only yellow dress her mother has given, which I have seen, last night, for the first time. I felt her great joy by wearing the sole new dress and happiness to seen it me. Pondering this new thing, sorrowfully I returned home that I would miss the girl for a long time.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Looking In The Dark

She is looking in the dark, trying to declare her entity to an unknown sailor or a globe trotter, who use to find tiny joy from a futile. The man looked her, indifferent look, with no sign of recognition; but engraved the picture inside his mind forever, that she is looking forever someone who knew her, met her frequently here or there, but not met for the time being or trying to evade. Perhaps her look was sad or inquisitive, - the man didn't know as she was looking in the dark. Whether the man wait for the next meeting with her or try to find her here and there? Or simply ignore?

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It is the fate, it is the fate of my days, - every stepping raise its fingers to me: that I'm the culprit, all the mishaps all happenings, cruel or worst, - due to for me... due to for me; I'm irresponsible! my ill luck I irresponsible to my nearest one. But I do care for those ultimate blames, I feel for that, sad, sarcastic, burn. Whenever I think all are going to be right, - someone or somebody raise fingers with a blackish blame.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


When the wind blows within sticky warm, you comes to me, slowly, sit and stare with tender eyes, monalisa smile hangs from your lips, misty locks kiss your chicks, - say some words without saying... and I look you feeling within mine. When the dusk come with a pale pallet and loneliness grasps all the day's earnings - you comes to rejoice the dampened mind and slowly, sit, adore my chicks with your fine fingers and I feel certain senses within my self, - I try to hold thy hand with my shivered tips... When the sky wear the stole of the light of full moon and the night queens float its drunken fragrance - you comes to me in the bare ground, slowly, lay, just on me, - I feel your bare breasts on my naked chest, breathing summer noon like, you just kiss my lips and I feel your lower secrets with that of mine...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Girl, A Little Tiny Girl

A girl, a little tiny girl, knows household works, but at the same time play with her pals. Mother works with a family, do their household job. Poor, but rather happy with her job, I think. The girl comes to my home often, I like her attitude and love to watch her works. I don't know her name, but delight to see her on the way. Before the festival, I asked her "how many new dresses have you this festival?" She replied "one". The word strikes me -"ONE"! only one! But I feel some unknown happiness to learn - the girl, the little tiny girl has atleast 'one' new dress to wear during festival. But hundreds of thousands of girls did not have new dresses to wear during festival. They are poor, they are distressed...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Plunged with great sorrows for the recent past, drowned in the ocean of griefs for the recent past... Untill I know the love has to share, untill I know the passion must have layer... to be happy always with all might I have, to find out joy with all could I had... 'cause the world is so beautiful to live in with all - solitary grief, solo sorrows never to be mean.

Eternal Mother

The train is coming - rail gate down - some people waiting for the train to pass - I was among them. A lady was there - black clothes but smile on her face was bright... "come on, come on" the lady asked... I looked at the lady - the train is passing the gate and I saw with great joy and surprise that she was trying to see her child the real train passing by... a rare smile on her face disclosed the heavenly joy that she was getting... Oh mother - eternal mother - nourish your affection, keep your attention, cherish your joy forever... forever...