Saturday, April 21, 2012


Prefloration on
Big petal for butterfly
Rose aestivation

Munificent breeze
Honey of summer
Gift of the season

Ballad of summer
Burning the heart for a
Of a shady stream

One summer blowing
Towards the sunshiny
In search of some

Pleasant spring
Nice sunshine on the
Song of a blackbird

Song of a Robin
Peep of sun through
mango tree
Pleasant bright morning

Cool breeze of winter
The Sun appearing with
The sky clearing clouds

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mermaid

Smarmy mermaid ~ of
transparent water ~
winked once at
stranger ~ and
escaped ~ smoothly


Rains ~ of her smile ~ on
kindled evening ~

The Tender

Her benefit of being shy
~ is the shut of lips
~ and tender of love
~ with downward


aper of lime tree / by the
whims of whiffle /
yielding dreams / of
pouring flowers / to
make pruinose floor

Saturday, February 25, 2012

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A. B.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Plenty of morning sunshine

Glittering banana leaves

Delightful Bulbul on wire


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Musings

Coconut leaves / swinging
like your smile / within cold
sunlight / of winter eyes

Silhouette of her / on
backdrop of dusk sky / and
lonely crow / flying over the

Your magnetic attraction /
a ballast for me / to lit the
path of life / with desired

Her lethargic smile ~ on
this chilly morning ~ yet
love on eyes ~ like a bright

Opened eyelids / to hear
the chirps / of a morning
Myna / dancing on the
branch / of a mango tree

When the bell of dawn
tolls / salient sun arises on
eastern sky / to perfume
the heart / with the
ringing / of prominent
colours of joy

Love on the way / flower of
winter / soft sunbeam
touched / mind joyful full of

Bloomed her smile ~ like
jasmine of evening ~ while
fragrance of rosy love ~ in
the air of morning

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

On The Seashore

She's sitting milk-y / on the
seashore / and downward
eyes / while a little wave /
left ornament of foam / on
foot / with spirited love
She's sitting milk-y / on the
seashore / and downward
eyes / while a little wave /
left ornament of foam / on
foot / with spirited love

The Dusk & Other Poems

Leaving behind / the red
sea of sky / crows flying /
over the dusk river

faint daylight / of dusk /
obscure / like her look /
adumbrated / difficult to

May / the happiness /
always / be there / on
faces / like mistletoe

Beside harvested land /
alone a long tree / under
bare poles / at foggy
winter dawn

Frozen winter ~ still ~
warm love of Helios ~
somewhere ~ hidden
within Xmas

Monday, January 16, 2012

Childhood Skies

Those skies of childhood /
were more blue / than
now / with flying kites
numerous / in winter

The Winter

Soothing touch of ~
demulcent winter ~ after
rough weather ~ softly
chilled breeze ~ cool cream
of season

The Meeting

And when I met her/
stalemate/ as golden youth
in pawn/ 'cause/ epigeous/
she was/ down-to-earth

Fleeting Away

The light of ragtag ~ winter
day ~ fleeting away ~ under
the slumber ~ of darkness

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Red Rose And Other Poems

My red rose for you ~
unable to bowdlerize
thorns ~ handle with care

Grey tone ~ of evening
twilight ~ the dying sun left
hue of cloudy sky ~ undyed

The dew / part of night /
yet / appertain to / day's
rosy petal

Fall of dusk ~ from the
cloudy sky ~ flight of a
lonely crow

Recalling the evening ~
when you filled the space ~
with your loving touch ~ of
fingers ~ during splendid
walk ~ at city's esplanade
A. B.

Muntin Love

On the river of sorrows /
serenity of her image /
holding panes / of broken
shadows / by muntin love

Muntins ~ of her love ~
holding mundane pains ~
separating each ~ with
much care

A. B.