Monday, January 11, 2010


Whenever I recall my childhood, I can smell the smell of those missing smell : Kanak Kanta & Oly I used to - to perfume my days as they had the smell of fragrances; jasmine oil used to bath; and used to fill the autumn dawn with Shiuli flowers dropped and felt the yard with the message of advent - advent of Durga Puja; strolling village markets and smelled the mixed smell of mustard oil, bath soaps and coconut oil; childrens park filled with the smell of dust and bushes - bushes of marigold, loved the smell of its leaves; small railway station with asset of steam engines and unparallel smell of its smokes, just thrilling experiences of boarding ticketless and irritation of eyes with particle of coals inside the smoke; whenever I recall my childhood, I can smell the smells of these missing smells that hardly to recover.