Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Musings

Coconut leaves / swinging
like your smile / within cold
sunlight / of winter eyes

Silhouette of her / on
backdrop of dusk sky / and
lonely crow / flying over the

Your magnetic attraction /
a ballast for me / to lit the
path of life / with desired

Her lethargic smile ~ on
this chilly morning ~ yet
love on eyes ~ like a bright

Opened eyelids / to hear
the chirps / of a morning
Myna / dancing on the
branch / of a mango tree

When the bell of dawn
tolls / salient sun arises on
eastern sky / to perfume
the heart / with the
ringing / of prominent
colours of joy

Love on the way / flower of
winter / soft sunbeam
touched / mind joyful full of

Bloomed her smile ~ like
jasmine of evening ~ while
fragrance of rosy love ~ in
the air of morning

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